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How Christie Lites optimized business performance with equipment rental software

Optimized operating costs and enhanced process efficiency 
Ability to attract and seamlessly hire top technicians with automated workflows for talent management
End-to-end product roadmap and clear business vision for entire product portfolio 
In a nutshell

Christie Lites is a stage lighting provider that manages its business through a variety of web and mobile applications. The company was seeking a reliable, best-in-class engineering firm to build and integrate many of the products that it needed to streamline operations and improve visibility.

The team chose ELEKS as a partner to help them build a product design strategy and roadmap, integrating with their back-end for a seamless experience.

Customer feedback
Huntly Christie
“What impressed me about ELEKS is the culture. There is a very strong culture of discipline and performance, and software is a profession where discipline is very important. Good software development can only happen with a strong work ethic, and I think the ELEKS team really understands that”.
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In 2020, the pandemic put a halt to live events worldwide, and many of the Christie Lites’ contracts in progress fell through. Rather than simply wait for things to pick up, the company opted to use the time productively by creating a game plan to digitally transform their business operations.

Integrated ecosystem

Christie Lites had already digitized some sectors of its business, but wanted to develop additional digital products to help the company gain operational efficiencies, improve visibility, and develop additional revenue streams. They needed all of their products to integrate seamlessly with a consistent back-end experience.

Refined product strategy

Christie Lites began looking at partner agencies to support them in both refining a product strategy roadmap, and executing on product development. In the vendor selection process, ELEKS was a clear standout for their depth and breadth of technical expertise, particularly in the field of product design.

End-to-end development

Christie Lites saw that ELEKS had the resources and capabilities to offer end-to-end product development, from conceptualization all the way through to execution. They were confident in ELEKS’ ability to help them refine their product roadmap, and then build out each product to meet their unique business needs.

They chose ELEKS to engage in an in-depth consultation to define their product strategy, followed by the development of several key software products for internal and external use to help them streamline business operations.


To help Christie Lites refine their product strategy, it was important that we took the time to gain an in-depth understanding of all the business’ core needs, so that we could propose solutions to automate key facets of their workflows.

ELEKS participated in an in-depth discovery process with multiple business stakeholders and end users to determine the key business goals that needed to be met, and co-developed concepts for products that could solve those problems with the client.

Through the interview process, we identified new features that could serve users’ needs better than those offered in existing solutions, and we were able to conceptualize a number of unique products that delivered a superior user experience while weighed against business expectations of cost, flexibility, and scalability.

We refined the product roadmap and launched design phases for several projects within the space of four months, building a team of engineers to support each product.

The resulting products we’ve launched to date include:
Mobile warehouse management application

Christie Lites’ warehouse team is able to use a new mobile app to get real-time visibility across their warehouses and assets, for managing warehouse space, controlling equipment loading and unloading, and tracking maintenance needs.

New web interface for an ERP application

Christie Lites’ new web interface offers enhanced visibility and a better UI for tracking status updates in logistics, orders, and equipment movements.

Job management mobile app for freelance technicians

Christie Lites uses a widespread team of freelance technicians, and needed a better solution for hiring them for short-term contracts and managing communications between them and their coordinator and coworkers. The new mobile app ensured that the business has a single channel for navigating job requests and expectations to provide better visibility and accountability, and it has automated functionality to improve speed and efficiency in job performance.

All of the applications have been integrated with the company’s common back end, for a consistent experience and access to real-time integrated data. The new applications have led to heightened efficiency, better visibility, and an enhanced user experience.

Tech Stack
Cross-platform mobile app development
Integration with a third-party mobile barcode scanning device
Integration with a common back end

ELEKS effectively executed the client’s roadmap and took stewardship of the projects, allowing Christie Lites to become far more efficient and explore other business streams. 

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End-to-end roadmap and clear business vision for the product portfolio
We helped Christie Lites refine their product strategy roadmap in line with their business goals, by conceptualizing products with key features to enhance the user experience while boosting efficiencies throughout the business.
Seamless and automated workflows for talent management
The app for freelance technicians has helped the business improve its ability to attract top-tier freelance talent, so that it can deliver the best outcomes for its clients. The company is also exploring new revenue opportunities by offering this solution to outside businesses as a SaaS product.
Optimized operating costs and enhanced process efficiency 
All of the applications we’ve created for Christie Lites have helped the business to automate key functionality in their business, enabling them to reduce the burden of manual tracking and enhancing their team productivity and visibility.
Customer feedback
Paul Dhingra
VP of Engineering 
“When we discovered ELEKS, we realized that it could provide a very high level of technical expertise that aligned with our project vision. ELEKS was able to understand our business problems and what we wanted to resolve with the new software applications. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we didn't even realize we had.”
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The level of design, development and support services that ELEKS has provided Eagle with throughout the years has consistently exceeded our expectations. We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.
steve taylor
Steve Taylor,
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.
maranda walsh
Maranda Walsh,
Director of Engineering, Wellair
There's a real depth of best practices and industry knowledge that’s obvious when you work on projects with ELEKS. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we even didn't even realize we had.
paul dhingra
Paul Dhingra,
VP of Software Development, Christie Lites