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Boosted monthly leads by 18%, with a 40% increase in monthly traffic
Created an infallible system via multi-layered testing
In a nutshell
French specialist mineral supplier Imerys needed to consolidate its 60+ niche websites into one unified and highly secure digital hub.
We helped it deliver a user-friendly, harmonized digital web portal full of rich, sector-specific content – unique in the industry.
Customer success
Mark Battcock
Digital Communication Director
"We are very happy with ELEKS’ partnership. The dedication of the team is exceptional, and we would certainly recommend them to others. In fact, we will continue to partner with ELEKS for the 2nd phase of the CDX project so that we can add even more customer services to the website."
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Our tried-and-tested experience in software development and integrated project implementation approach made ELEKS the ideal partner to work on development of the new

Siloed digital assets

Imerys’ needed to consolidate its 60+ niche websites, which spanned multiple platforms and styles, and create one unified digital landscape. The customer experience wasn’t optimized and engagement was low. And its existing digital image created other problems, too – the sites each had a very different look and feel and were costly to maintain, and the company’s product catalog was splintered. This wasn’t representative of Imerys’ future digital vision.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity was the central aim of Imerys’ Customer Digital Experience (CDX) project. It wanted to unify its digital image, improve the lead-management process and create a better user journey while ensuring the platform’s security and future stability. Imerys needed to define its value proposition, guiding principles, and target architecture. So the project kicked off with a deep-dive internal scoping phase.

With our expert support, Imerys was able to deliver a harmonized digital web portal containing over 600 pages of rich corporate content, unprecedented for the specialty minerals sector, giving it a competitive edge.
Properties has been designed for user-friendliness, with a straightforward structure containing various simple navigation styles and different user journey options. With a flexible architecture, UX design can continue to evolve, thereby futureproofing the system and enabling further extensions. And the site’s responsive design and best-practice build means it’s optimized for tablet and mobile.
Our expert team helped Imerys navigate development and design, as well as content strategy development, content governance setup and ensuring the seamless migration of the existing siloed content.​
Best-in-class security was a top priority for Imerys’ new digital hub. So the ELEKS team applied a multi-layered testing approach to cover all bases and conducted comprehensive penetration testing, as well as static application security tests.
We developed and delivered the enhanced in under a year, in line with Imerys’ timeline and budget. The CDX portal was launched to stakeholder groups as a unified hub for rich, unique corporate content.
Tech Stack / Features
Built on Drupal 9 CMS and deployed on the AWS cloud to ensure extended auto-scaling capabilities
Integrations with IAM OKTA, Salesforce and Workday for secure identity management, comprehensive customer relationship, and enterprise management
Advanced search capabilities via Elasticsearch
03, a new harmonized digital web portal, was launched and well-received in less than a year, offering stakeholders a one-stop-shop for high-quality business content.

Improved brand image

Imerys was able to bolster its industry credibility and offer its clients a user-friendly way to access quality, up-to-date content, thereby enhancing customer experience across all touchpoints and boosting satisfaction.

Boosting traffic and leads

With an improved lead-management process, Imerys’ monthly traffic increased by an average of 40% within the first six months of launch. It also saw an average lift in monthly leads of 18%.

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The level of design, development and support services that ELEKS has provided Eagle with throughout the years has consistently exceeded our expectations. We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.
steve taylor
Steve Taylor,
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.
maranda walsh
Maranda Walsh,
Director of Engineering, Wellair
There's a real depth of best practices and industry knowledge that’s obvious when you work on projects with ELEKS. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we even didn't even realize we had.
paul dhingra
Paul Dhingra,
VP of Software Development, Christie Lites