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Developing custom motion control software and hardware solutions for TAIT

7 continents hosted performances powered by Navigator 
TAIT was awarded a Guinness World Records for the performance powered by Navigator
In a nutshell

TAIT came to ELEKS for support with engineering a custom entertainment automation platform that would pull together all the different parts of its entertainment automation business, including hardware and software to manage and monitor machinery, lighting, audio, pyro, SFX, fountains, and more.

ELEKS architected a complete automation solution, TAIT Navigator, that could help TAIT manage thousands of independent machinery elements within a single system, while meeting the business’ functional, security, and safety requirements.

Customer feedback
Eric Grossman
Chief Business Officer, TAIT
“ELEKS has been key in our entire software technology platform; from architecture, design to development, to test, to maintenance, and they continued work on the software platform.“
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Global leadership
TAIT is a best-in-class live events solution provider, powering live experiences globally, including spectacular events such as the world’s top performers and the Olympic Games.
Large-scale automation

For its live events, TAIT must manage and monitor many different components simultaneously. As they continued to take on projects of larger scales, they knew they needed access to a comprehensive automation platform that encompassed hardware and software solutions for automating all of the elements that go into world-class live entertainment.

Co-engineering partnership

TAIT initially tested the waters with ELEKS in 2002, requesting our support with several smaller technical projects. When those projects went off without a hitch, TAIT felt confident enough to contract with ELEKS to co-engineer their most ambitious project yet: The creation of TAIT Navigator, a comprehensive platform for live events management.

While TAIT had its own team of engineers and a clear vision for the project, they relied on us to bring in additional subject-matter expertise and provide technical guidance on all of the challenges they faced in bringing the solution to life. Working in a collaborative partnership, ELEKS was able to provide the strategic insights and competencies that TAIT needed to flawlessly execute on TAIT’s vision for the platform.


ELEKS supported TAIT in launching the TAIT Navigator, a fully scalable entertainment automation platform that enables TAIT to integrate and automate all of the various components of a live event activation, including lighting, sound, machinery, pyro, SFX, and other elements. The platform not only enables flawless execution from a performance standpoint; it also ensures the safety of the events team and audience by preventing human error in events logistics.

TAIT Navigator features an intuitive interface, which enables operators to control lights, sound, video, and motion through a single user interface. The Navigator’s software and hardware components are optimized to control any system or device, so that events teams can flawlessly manage dynamic live events experiences, ranging in scale from a small theater to an entire theme park.

ELEKS experts also helped TAIT to explore the feasibility of collecting and processing data from on-site Navigator installations. The developed proof of concept shows real-time data analytics as well as makes valuable conclusions out of big data chunks, such as providing the live status of equipment and giving a possibility to get a heads-up about the need for equipment maintenance or replacement.

Tech Stack
Industrial automation protocols
Real-time hardware control and monitoring
Motion algorithms
Network performance optimization
Rule-based system control and protection

TAIT Navigator is a proven solution for live events, and is currently in operation at hundreds of venues across the world. The solution offers tight synchonization between audio, video, lighting, and scenic elements, and has powered everything from touring shows to theme parks to 3D performer flying stunts.

Navigator offers comprehensive integration between elements via a distributed system, which both ensures safety for performers, crew, and audience members, and enables TAIT to execute increasingly complex live events. The platform also makes it possible to scale the same event to fit each venue, dynamically changing each variable based on the venue’s requirements and regulations.

Navigator has made it possible for TAIT to gain a competitive edge over other live events providers, with capabilities that are unmatched within the industry.

Customer feedback
Jim Love
VP of Engineering,
Head of R&D, TAIT
“The development of the TAIT Navigator platform led us to be leading in the industry, we have the technology platform that nobody else has, it is our competitive advantage and it is key to our business, it is driving our business to grow and to reach into different areas.“
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The level of design, development and support services that ELEKS has provided Eagle with throughout the years has consistently exceeded our expectations. We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.
steve taylor
Steve Taylor,
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.
maranda walsh
Maranda Walsh,
Director of Engineering, Wellair
There's a real depth of best practices and industry knowledge that’s obvious when you work on projects with ELEKS. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we even didn't even realize we had.
paul dhingra
Paul Dhingra,
VP of Software Development, Christie Lites