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Robust product launch for a novel air disinfector with seamless UX for device display and IoT remote-control app

100% of deliverables for GUI and mobile app project delivered on time and on budget
40 enhancements to mobile application delivered within one year to improve user experience
In a nutshell

WellAir needed support from an engineering partner to develop a mobile application and graphical user interface that its customers could use to remotely control its line of air purification products.

The company chose ELEKS as its partner, due to our proven history in building connected solutions across multiple industries, our breadth and depth of expertise, and our confidence in defining a scope of work and fixed budget for the project.

Customer feedback
Maranda Walsh
Director of
Engineering, Wellair
“Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.”
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WellAir, a leading health technology company that provides a variety of air purification solutions, developed a line of air-cleaning devices that use its patented NanoStrike technology to inactivate airborne pathogens, improving air quality and reducing the risk of spreading airborne viruses, with both commercial and residential applications. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, WellAir saw a massive demand for air purification products like theirs, and wanted to bring their technology to market in a rapid timeframe so that they could help as many people as possible reduce their risk of infection.

Although the air purification product technology itself was mature, WellAir needed to transform each device into IoT connected devices, which would enable customers to monitor air quality conditions and manage the devices remotely, with options for both manual and automated controls.

After evaluating many potential vendors and reviewing their proposals in depth, WellAir selected ELEKS to build a graphical user interface (GUI) and mobile application that would empower customers to control their units, set up automations, and monitor their data on their mobile devices.

Controls and monitoring

Users could customize the device’s operations, with options for controlling the unit’s fan speed, setting a timer, and switching between different modes and schedules of operation. The devices also share data about temperature and humidity, alerting customers when air quality is poor or when their filter needs to be changed.

Customer insights

In order to understand WellAir customers’ needs in detail, the ELEKS team participated in a series of in-depth user discovery interviews to understand the features that would be necessary to deliver a great user experience. After product launch, they also led a post-release user feedback session, in which they asked people who had been using the devices for several weeks for feedback on what they liked and didn’t, so that the team could optimize the mobile app’s feature set for future releases.

Quality assurance and ongoing support

ELEKS provided ongoing quality assurance services to ensure that customers had a consistent and positive experience with the mobile application. After product launch, ELEKS made continual updates to the product based on user feedback, and implemented more than 40 enhancements to the app within the space of a year.

Enterprise application strategy

ELEKS’ experience designers consulted with WellAir to create a product design strategy for an enterprise application. Over the course of six weeks, ELEKS conducted research and built a high-fidelity prototype for an enterprise application for managing multiple air purification units through one centralized dashboard, paving the way to broader use in institutions such as universities, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

ELEKS built a GUI and a mobile application for both the iOS and Android platforms, enabling end users to control and monitor their connected air disinfection units remotely.

Tech Stack
iOS and Android mobile apps released
Established efficient collaboration with the provider of the unit’s firmware
Ran about 2000 regression tests before the launch
ELEKS was able to deliver a fully-featured app within the customer’s budget and time expectation, with regular enhancements based on user feedback following launch. 
Customers found the user experience intuitive and enjoyed using the mobile application. They were able to use the mobile app to fully manage and monitor all of their WellAir air purification units from one centralized dashboard that could be accessed on any Android or iOS mobile device, providing seamless control over their facility’s air purification system whether on-site or remotely based.
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The level of design, development and support services that ELEKS has provided Eagle with throughout the years has consistently exceeded our expectations. We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.
steve taylor
Steve Taylor,
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.
maranda walsh
Maranda Walsh,
Director of Engineering, Wellair
There's a real depth of best practices and industry knowledge that’s obvious when you work on projects with ELEKS. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we even didn't even realize we had.
paul dhingra
Paul Dhingra,
VP of Software Development, Christie Lites