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Build a framework to help you make smarter business decisions with our data strategy design, implementation, and provisioning, combined with strong tech consulting expertise.
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Client benefits
Inform decisions with better data

Improve operational efficiency

Generate new revenue streams

Ensure compliance and security

Streamline collaboration between departments

Inform decisions with better data
Improve operational efficiency
Generate new revenue streams
Ensure compliance and security
Streamline collaboration between departments
Customer success
Omar Mohammad
Process Management
Director at Aramex
“The ELEKS team have been playing a key role in transforming and upgrading our IT services to be in line with international best practices. They have proven to be a very responsive and proactive partner, and we consider them an extension of our internal team.”
Our process
We will guide you through all the phases of the data strategy process, from design to implementation
Strategy design
as-is analysis AS-IS analysis
as-is analysis
The first step in establishing a quality data strategy transformation is asking our clients to answer a foundation question: "Where are you now?" Our data strategy consultants support you in identifying all the relevant systems, services, sources, and processes connected to your data architecture – as well as your key users and leading consumers of information. Additionally, we will help in gathering requirements (such as compliance), noting any limitations related to data, evaluating the maturity of D&A processes (e.g., data governance procedures, reporting practices, security standards), and performing a model gap analysis.
to-be analysis TO-BE analysis
to-be analysis
The next step is to identify what your company can achieve and what it should aim to achieve using data analytics in conjunction with your business objectives. We also determine and anticipate future success by evaluating your company’s capabilities and developing a better sense of what you should and should not do. We will advise and support you in developing long-term strategic objectives and determining the success criteria of your company’s future digital state.
transition-planning Transition planning
After setting company goals with each client, it is necessary to establish priorities (based on value vs complexity) and develop data strategy roadmap and growth models tailored to each clients’ business. We will help you create a detailed plan outlining a timeline, milestones, necessary resources, approximate budget and other essential details. At this point, we will also define metrics and KPIs and evaluate dependencies and risks involved.
implementation-support Implementation support
We provide clients with end-to-end guidance and support to power your data strategy design, implementation, and provisioning. We have an extensive team of multi-skilled software experts, including big data engineers, and experienced data scientists ready to deliver all the project scopes that our data strategy consultants envision for your unique needs.
adapting-to-changes Adapting to changes and tracking progress
We will collaborate with you to communicate your data strategy and changes to all your employees. In order to power and ensure a successful implementation, we help companies monitor progress based on metrics we define with each company during the transformation planning stage.
of organizations surveyed by KPMG use data and insights to inform their corporate strategy.
Ready to start creating value from your data?
Key deliverables
Our data strategy consultants will guide you through the entire process which starts by assessing your current company data practices and decision making analytics (including all existing capabilities, silos, storage, and tool resources). The process concludes by providing you with a leading, detailed plan germane to performance targets and strategies you feel confident about before we move forward.
The typical deliverables after deploying a data strategy include:
Assessment reports based on your current business state
including data management, maturity assessment, data and analytics (D&A) assessment, stakeholder analysis, gap analysis, overall data quality evaluations, and more.
Strategic mission, vision, and value statements for your D&A transformation.
A high-level roadmap with timeline, milestones and SMART goals
prioritized based on value vs complexity.
Target state description of your data initiatives.
Risk management plan to ensure the smooth implementation of your data strategy.
Industries we serve
Learn how businesses in diverse industries can maximize the value of their data
The ELEKS Digital data strategy consulting services are a great fit for any company that is ready to start generating value from its data, including big data, to achieve sustainable, long-term business growth. A few of our key industries include:

Use data and analytics to make better decisions, personalize customer interactions, and improve retention. Impenetrable cybersecurity and machine learning algorithms provide you with the technical prowess to gain predictive insights, identify (or plan for) risks toward business and customer data, as well as leveraging big data to gain stronger control of compliance tracking and regulatory affairs.


Lower your total cost of ownership while scaling your insurance services. We will help you enable real-time risk assessment so that you can refine your scenario planning and use agile pricing to adapt quickly to market changes and mitigate losses. More importantly, machine learning also delivers proactive threat management and more robust security to foster stronger, long-term resilience for your business.


Security and confidentiality at their finest: electronic records, patient contact information, and all sensitive data stored within an impenetrable software system. Our data strategy consultants will help you create a one-stop-shop for HIPAA-compliant storage and workflow automation. Empower your organization to work more efficiently towards delivering personalized, preventative care with better clinical outcomes.


The ELEKS Digital data strategy consultants are global experts in big data and business intelligence. We will help you build an integrated and transparent ecosystem for all of your data will allow you to better manage risk, streamline order management, improve delivery efficiency, mitigate supply chain challenges, and maximize profit.


ELEKS Digital can help you boost logistics chain efficiency, improve warehouse performance, flex your pricing strategy, successfully manage risks, predict and address demand peaks, as well as optimize your costs and manage capacity efficiently. You'll be able to automate your operations and enhance productivity while eliminating the possibility of human error.


Energy companies can leverage utility big data and analytics to better understand how energy is used, allowing them to make grid modernization cost-effectively and move towards clean energy. What's more, organizations can predict changes in power flow, while making long-term investment decisions, and provide better insights into asset management, resource planning, and dispatch for renewables.


Regional, city, state, and federal organizations can leverage big data and analytics to enhance workforce productivity, provide better transparency to constituents, and improve their security efforts by proactively identifying signs of fraud, waste, and abuse. Government organizations can use data insights to help them optimize projects for both cost and safety, such as improving transportation systems and regulations.


We will help you introduce data-driven planning, automated supply management tools, and advanced analytics to enable an unprecedented level of insight for your agricultural business. You'll be able to minimize over-stocking to avoid losses in revenue. Data analytics will allow you to monitor the health of crops in real-time, create forecasts related to future yields and make insight-driven decisions on resource management.

Optimize your business with better insights from your data
What you get with ELEKS
Discover the benefits of choosing ELEKS Digital as your data strategy partner
Data strategy consulting, implementation support and provisioning
Our team of data strategy consultants can support your business with data strategy design, implementation, provisioning, and efficient collaboration to ensure success in accordance with whatever goals mean most for your organization. Our cross-domain experience ensures that we embrace industry best practices, helping you reach your business goals effortlessly.
Data strategy consulting
Specialized expertise on tap
Scalable platforms to automate your essential operating tasks
Success stories
We can consult on data strategy and manage the implementation process across a diverse range of industries and use cases. Here are the success stories and testimonials from our customers.
“We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.”
Steve Taylor
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
“ELEKS has been key in our entire software technology platform; from architecture, design to development, to test, to maintenance, and they continued work on the software platform.”
Eric Grossman
Chief Business Officer, TAIT
“ELEKS has been involved in the development of a number of our consumer-facing websites and mobile applications. We've appreciated the level of ELEKS' expertise, responsiveness and attention to details.”
samer awajan
Samer Awajan
CTO, Aramex
“The migration was part of a transformation program for IXM. Thanks to excellent project management, strong partnership and sheer commitment, the endeavor landed seamlessly and successfully.”
Romain Désigaud
Romain Désigaud
Head of IT, IXM
“When you work with ELEKS, you are working with the top 1% of the aptitude and engineering excellence of the whole country.”
Sam Fleming
Sam Fleming
President, Fleming-AOD
“We really liked ELEKS' commitment and engagement. I think, without ELEKS it probably would not have been possible to have such a successful product in such a short period of time.”
Caroline Aumeran
Caroline Aumeran
Head of Product Development, appygas
“Our engineers were impressed with how clean and sensible the solution was architected and built. Our engagement with ELEKS was marked by competency and professionalism from start to finish.”
Cory Cates
Cory Cates
Chief Information Officer, Maple Life
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The level of design, development and support services that ELEKS has provided Eagle with throughout the years has consistently exceeded our expectations. We are excited to have ELEKS partner with us as we evolve our technology platform, and I look forward to our continued relationship and collaboration in the years to come.
steve taylor
Steve Taylor,
CTO, Eagle Investment Systems
Working with the team in ELEKS has given us a leading edge in bringing our new products to the market. Their team's technical knowledge, support and customer service is outstanding, and we consider them a key partner for all our software requirements.
maranda walsh
Maranda Walsh,
Director of Engineering, Wellair
There's a real depth of best practices and industry knowledge that’s obvious when you work on projects with ELEKS. In the end, we got products that were fully and thoughtfully developed, intelligently designed and met needs we even didn't even realize we had.
paul dhingra
Paul Dhingra,
VP of Software Development, Christie Lites